Spontaneity is the essence of pleasure

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“Spontaneity is the essence of pleasure” is a quote I first heard from my good friend back in 2012 and it’s something she believed in strongly enough to get tattooed on her body.. I can now say I understand the true meaning of this. (Shout out to my homegirl Julie!)

I’m not sure I ever understood spontaneity completely, until I booked a flight to Istanbul one morning to leave that afternoon with only an hour and a half to pack.. And let me just say – I think this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

After spending a week in Vienna (post-Lisbon) and not much changing from my initial feel of the place, I felt it was time for a change of scenery. So with not much down time left, the next thing you know, I was on a plane to Istanbul..

I didn’t have many expectations of Turkey, apart from knowing their religious beliefs and the fact that they inhale shisha like oxygen. So this place really blew my mind. No expectations > no disappointments, right?

From the people, to the culture, to the food, to the atmosphere.. Istanbul left me wanting more. Even the drive from the airport to the main square in Taksim was stunning! The way the city presents itself is really beautiful. You’ll know what I mean if you ever visit.

Never really having stayed in a hostel before, this was such a different experience for me. I was a little hesitant (being female and all, it’s usually a little more nerve racking) but apart from the glances and the occasional cat calls, I felt completely safe! So leave whatever pre-meditated opinion you have of Turkey at the airport and as long as you carry yourself respectably, you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about!

The must sees in Istanbul would have to be the obvious:
• Grand Bazaar for all your trinkets, jewelry, rugs and Turkish treasures
• Aya Sofya (also known as Hagia Sophia)
• The Blue Mosque for a religious insight
• and getting a boat over to Kadiköy (the Asian continent of Turkey). I found this to be a lot more urban and leafy for all you vibe lovers ✌🏽️

Also, if you’re after a cool place to smoke shisha, pay a visit to the guys at Kültür Cafe! I’ve never felt more at home during a dining experience before!! They’ll really look after you and even sit down, have a smoke and talk some shit with you which is always welcome!

As I’m writing this, I’m on a bus on my way to Budapest. I’ve spent the last 4 days in Vienna and I can honestly say that my opinion of the place has still not changed. They held a buskers festival the day before I left for Turkey and I can only refer to it as “organized fun”. There’s no sense of freedom in that city! You feel almost suffocated in a way.

I was lucky enough to catch a Ball Park Music gig there with my brother, which is easily the most fun I’ve had there so far! Along with kicking the footy and going for a skate, which are all things you could do in Aus – and probably have a little more fun while doing them too.

It’s a sigh of relief for me to be spending the next week in Hungary, adding more experiences to this ever growing list.. 😊

So I’m excited to see what the next week has in store for me!

Until I have more to share with you all,
Güle güle xx

What I’ve learnt: Life wasn’t made to be easy. My greatest moments of joy and utter appreciation have come from the struggles I’ve faced.

*queue Joy Division by The Wombats*

Oh, and don’t mess with little gypsy girls – because they WILL throw food at your head!


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